Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let's Skate Orlando

The disco lights, the popular music, and the 50's inspired skates are what make Let's Skate such a great place to hang out with friends and have fun!

14207 West Colonial Drive
Winter Garden, Florida 34787

Tickets are $13 and include skates (cash only)

For more info, check out their website:

If you come tonight, I am going to be there, so come see me!
You might even end up in my blog!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baterbys Art Auction

The art pops off of the walls, the bold strokes catch your eye everywhere you turn. An aroma rises from the center of the room- a delicious mixture of minty mojitos, chocolate mousse, and Spanish paella. You hear the buzz of the crowd, getting more and more excited waiting for the loud burst of the auctioneers gavel to announce that they have won their favorite piece! The Baterbys Art Auction is always a treat for the senses.

It was a great success this Saturday, August 27th as the gallery boasted rare original works of Dali and Lenore Fini for exceptional prices. Not only were the prices of this consignment auction incredible, but so were the hilarious presenters! Every sale and “steal” ended with a “Woo-hoo!” and a sea of laughter.

Not only did the bidders get huge deals on the original paintings, and art prints themselves, but a percentage of the profits from this event went to charity, which I definitely admire, and nudged me towards making my second purchase!

The mojitos kept coming all night, and so did the paintings. I ended up walking away with two amazing pictures. And, much to my surprise, I also brought home a huge daisy print of Romero Britto as my prize form a raffle ticket win! It is already up in my room, and I can’t resist taking a peak every few moments at this whimsical piece!

Though the auction was geared towards a more adult crowd, I had an amazing time. And, I couldn’t be happier that I could walk away with pieces of beautiful art, the bold strokes now covering my walls. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This has got to be one of the weirdest and greatest unofficial holidays-International Fake Moustache Day! I hope you all spent Febuary 3rd wearing your fabulous fake moustaches or finger mustaches. I got about 25 of my friends in on it- I had a curly finger moustache and it was pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself! Check out the link at the bottom of this post to get some more hilarious info about this crazy holiday!

What is International Fake Moustache Day?
International Fake Moustache Day is the premier cross-border, artificial, facial hair celebration.

International?Not yet. But my grandpappy told me to aim high.

Why February 3rd?
February 3rd approximates the winter Moustache Festival on the ancient druidic calendar. (Most druidic fake moustaches were made from apple boughs.)

Really?Um, no. But the “three” in February 3rd looks kinda like a sideways moustache.

Who runs
We are a collection of volunteer and professional fake moustache enthusiasts.

How long have you been doing this?
International Fake Moustache Day is in its third year.

What are your goals?
1. World Domination

2. Find employment which is both creatively and economically fulfilling.

3. Find someone who makes me laugh and fall in love with them.

4. Finish this shoddy website.

Is this a legal holiday?

Well, as of yet, it isn’t illegal.

Moustache or Mustache?

How do chicks feel about guys in fake moustaches?
Generally, chicks dig guys in fake moustaches.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DOLL OF THE DAY!!!- Candie!

I always knew that my dolls had a personality but, I really think think that they are beginning to have minds of their own!
A few weeks ago, I came home from a very long and oh so tiring day. I was so eager to just get myself some juice, plop on the couch and read a book. (that is my form of relaxation) So step 1- go get some juice. STOP! Right then and there was where I made my mistake. I should have just gone on the couch and read a book with out the juice or any drink. I should have just forgotten the fact that I was extremely thirsty and totally ignored the mess in my kitchen.

BUT NO! I actually HAD to walk into the kitchen.
A Mess.
sugar spilt on the floor.
pink frosting on the cabinets.
3 feet high mound of dishes in the sink.
something oozing out of the stove.


She was standing on the counter (because she was much too small to be able to cook while standing on the floor). In her hands, she held a long wooden spoon, covered in some form of pink batter or icing. - The same mix as what was plastered on thee cabinets.

For those of you that don't know, my little Candie is a cook. At least, she thinks she is a cook. I wouldn't havea problem with it, if she actually followed the recipes and ocasionally kept her ingredients in the bowl!

It took me a while to clean up that kitchen. much longer than you would think. I am so lucky that she is starting to get the feel of looking at a cookbook and then actually aiming for the bowl to hold the ingredients! Of course, she usually wants to make her own spin on the recipies which doesn't always take a turn for the best. But, at least the kitchen is clean!

Just last night, she made carrot candy. CARROT CANDY! And the worst part is, that I was officially forced to eat it. YUCK!
She is getting better though, and actually sticking to the recipes, which is much more than i could say than two months ago. I think that she figured out that when she follows the recipes, people tend to gag less!
Even though she really has her crazy moments she is truely an amazingly cute doll in both how she acts and she looks. So if you fell in love with Candie, check out my shop at and take her home with you!
Say tuned for more doll of the day!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

DOLL OF THE DAY!!!!- Lavender!

This is a new segment of my blog that I have decided to proudly name DOLL OF THE DAY!

( This is where the applause comes in)

Today's doll of the day is Lavender. She is a little 8 inch doll who has a very funky and creative spirit about her. In fact, out of all her doll friends, she has got to be the most artistic one out of the whole bunch! Every day, she paints what she thinks is a truly thought out beautiful masterpiece. Well, I've got to hand it to you, Sometimes what she creates is almost an imitation as Pablo Picasso as a toddler! Or she might have the inspiration to make a "Jackson Pollock" of her own. This generally includes a lot of time and thoughtful consideration and closing her eyes while throwing paint on the canvas!

There was actually one day where i was going to the beach with my friends and i had accidentally left Lavender in the craft room while i was gone.

When I came back- let me put this simply- the room was turned inside out
backwards and upside down! Even though it was tough to clean it all up and even though i had no idea where all of my favorite craft things went, the absolute worst part was that she toll all of my fabrics an put them in an enormous pile right in the center of the room. This, she claimed was her "sculptural masterpiece that should never be touched or destroyed." That was great and everything, but i don't think that she quite understood that i needed those fabrics to make my bags for my shop on Etsy. It took me about a week to pry those fabrics from her! She literally ca mped out on the top o her sculpture to guard it!

But, after all her crazy painting's and artworks, she actually does make quite a few lovely artworks. She once made the spiting image of the actual Mona Lisa! It looks just like her! ( It might help that Little Miss Lavender was using a paint by numbers, but you don't have to tell her I said that.)

But don't worry, all of her crazy shenanigans are mostly a thing of the past. So if you do choose to take her home with you and keep her, you shouldn't worry too much about her creative chaos.