Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DOLL OF THE DAY!!!- Candie!

I always knew that my dolls had a personality but, I really think think that they are beginning to have minds of their own!
A few weeks ago, I came home from a very long and oh so tiring day. I was so eager to just get myself some juice, plop on the couch and read a book. (that is my form of relaxation) So step 1- go get some juice. STOP! Right then and there was where I made my mistake. I should have just gone on the couch and read a book with out the juice or any drink. I should have just forgotten the fact that I was extremely thirsty and totally ignored the mess in my kitchen.

BUT NO! I actually HAD to walk into the kitchen.
A Mess.
sugar spilt on the floor.
pink frosting on the cabinets.
3 feet high mound of dishes in the sink.
something oozing out of the stove.


She was standing on the counter (because she was much too small to be able to cook while standing on the floor). In her hands, she held a long wooden spoon, covered in some form of pink batter or icing. - The same mix as what was plastered on thee cabinets.

For those of you that don't know, my little Candie is a cook. At least, she thinks she is a cook. I wouldn't havea problem with it, if she actually followed the recipes and ocasionally kept her ingredients in the bowl!

It took me a while to clean up that kitchen. much longer than you would think. I am so lucky that she is starting to get the feel of looking at a cookbook and then actually aiming for the bowl to hold the ingredients! Of course, she usually wants to make her own spin on the recipies which doesn't always take a turn for the best. But, at least the kitchen is clean!

Just last night, she made carrot candy. CARROT CANDY! And the worst part is, that I was officially forced to eat it. YUCK!
She is getting better though, and actually sticking to the recipes, which is much more than i could say than two months ago. I think that she figured out that when she follows the recipes, people tend to gag less!
Even though she really has her crazy moments she is truely an amazingly cute doll in both how she acts and she looks. So if you fell in love with Candie, check out my shop at www.lolodaisy.etsy.com and take her home with you!
Say tuned for more doll of the day!!!

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