Thursday, February 3, 2011


This has got to be one of the weirdest and greatest unofficial holidays-International Fake Moustache Day! I hope you all spent Febuary 3rd wearing your fabulous fake moustaches or finger mustaches. I got about 25 of my friends in on it- I had a curly finger moustache and it was pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself! Check out the link at the bottom of this post to get some more hilarious info about this crazy holiday!

What is International Fake Moustache Day?
International Fake Moustache Day is the premier cross-border, artificial, facial hair celebration.

International?Not yet. But my grandpappy told me to aim high.

Why February 3rd?
February 3rd approximates the winter Moustache Festival on the ancient druidic calendar. (Most druidic fake moustaches were made from apple boughs.)

Really?Um, no. But the “three” in February 3rd looks kinda like a sideways moustache.

Who runs
We are a collection of volunteer and professional fake moustache enthusiasts.

How long have you been doing this?
International Fake Moustache Day is in its third year.

What are your goals?
1. World Domination

2. Find employment which is both creatively and economically fulfilling.

3. Find someone who makes me laugh and fall in love with them.

4. Finish this shoddy website.

Is this a legal holiday?

Well, as of yet, it isn’t illegal.

Moustache or Mustache?

How do chicks feel about guys in fake moustaches?
Generally, chicks dig guys in fake moustaches.