Friday, August 21, 2009

DOLL OF THE DAY!!!!- Lavender!

This is a new segment of my blog that I have decided to proudly name DOLL OF THE DAY!

( This is where the applause comes in)

Today's doll of the day is Lavender. She is a little 8 inch doll who has a very funky and creative spirit about her. In fact, out of all her doll friends, she has got to be the most artistic one out of the whole bunch! Every day, she paints what she thinks is a truly thought out beautiful masterpiece. Well, I've got to hand it to you, Sometimes what she creates is almost an imitation as Pablo Picasso as a toddler! Or she might have the inspiration to make a "Jackson Pollock" of her own. This generally includes a lot of time and thoughtful consideration and closing her eyes while throwing paint on the canvas!

There was actually one day where i was going to the beach with my friends and i had accidentally left Lavender in the craft room while i was gone.

When I came back- let me put this simply- the room was turned inside out
backwards and upside down! Even though it was tough to clean it all up and even though i had no idea where all of my favorite craft things went, the absolute worst part was that she toll all of my fabrics an put them in an enormous pile right in the center of the room. This, she claimed was her "sculptural masterpiece that should never be touched or destroyed." That was great and everything, but i don't think that she quite understood that i needed those fabrics to make my bags for my shop on Etsy. It took me about a week to pry those fabrics from her! She literally ca mped out on the top o her sculpture to guard it!

But, after all her crazy painting's and artworks, she actually does make quite a few lovely artworks. She once made the spiting image of the actual Mona Lisa! It looks just like her! ( It might help that Little Miss Lavender was using a paint by numbers, but you don't have to tell her I said that.)

But don't worry, all of her crazy shenanigans are mostly a thing of the past. So if you do choose to take her home with you and keep her, you shouldn't worry too much about her creative chaos.