Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baterbys Art Auction

The art pops off of the walls, the bold strokes catch your eye everywhere you turn. An aroma rises from the center of the room- a delicious mixture of minty mojitos, chocolate mousse, and Spanish paella. You hear the buzz of the crowd, getting more and more excited waiting for the loud burst of the auctioneers gavel to announce that they have won their favorite piece! The Baterbys Art Auction is always a treat for the senses.

It was a great success this Saturday, August 27th as the gallery boasted rare original works of Dali and Lenore Fini for exceptional prices. Not only were the prices of this consignment auction incredible, but so were the hilarious presenters! Every sale and “steal” ended with a “Woo-hoo!” and a sea of laughter.

Not only did the bidders get huge deals on the original paintings, and art prints themselves, but a percentage of the profits from this event went to charity, which I definitely admire, and nudged me towards making my second purchase!

The mojitos kept coming all night, and so did the paintings. I ended up walking away with two amazing pictures. And, much to my surprise, I also brought home a huge daisy print of Romero Britto as my prize form a raffle ticket win! It is already up in my room, and I can’t resist taking a peak every few moments at this whimsical piece!

Though the auction was geared towards a more adult crowd, I had an amazing time. And, I couldn’t be happier that I could walk away with pieces of beautiful art, the bold strokes now covering my walls. :)

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  1. We appreciate the kind words. It was a wonderful time for all, I hope. Congrats on your win, and next time INVITE your friends :)